Get a reliable confirmation of your care for personal data

On May 25, 2018, new provisions on the protection of personal data entered into force. GDPR introduces very big changes. One of them is the possibility for personal data administrators to obtain a GDPR certificate. Processors may also be certified.

3 steps to safety

How to get certified?

Certyfikat GDPS


Subscribe and get access to all the benefits of the GDPS system. Be ready for UODO inspection, avoid mistakes and financial penalties, have all GDPR activities in one place


The tool is so intuitive that you can easily implement it yourself. However, if you encounter any difficulties, our consultants are always at your disposal. You just need to fill out a form that will help us choose the right person to attend to your issue.


Following the successful implementation, perform a self-assessment in the system – and that’s it!

Obtain an additional guarantee after verification by an external auditor.

Benefits of the certificate

What do you gain
from the certificate?

  • security
  • eliminating the risk of potential penalties
  • higher sales
  • increasing the level of customer confidence
  • increasing awareness of cybersecurity
  • providing a fully verifiable and auditable data security system
  • increasing the organisation’s resistance to independent external factors (e.g. COVID)
  • increasing business credibility
  • advantage in marketing activities
  • ensuring operational continuity of the area of personal data protection

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