A tool for GDPR implementation and management

For a Data Protection Officer.

A reliable, innovative and intuitive system provided along with experts’ mentorship.

A program tailored for companies and law firms offering external GDPR implementation services and outsourcing of DPO functions

Management center

for the data protection

GDPStandard functionalities

Online access

Record of processing activities

Record of categories of processing activities

Processors Record

Cloud storage for documents

Authorisations record

Applications record

Simplified risk assessment

Risk Analysis GDPR Risk Tracker


Expert knowledge database

Breaches record

Recommendation report

GDPR Compliance Report

Document’s templates


Step by step

Implementation of tools for everyday work


Contact with us

Find out how we can help you with fulfilling your DPO duties and in implementation of GDPR for your clients. Gain an insight of the system.


Personal offer

Solutions and tools suited for your needs and for the scale of your activity, to satisfy you and your clients.



Simple implementation of tools to serve your current clients and faster GDPR implementation for new ones.

GDPR simpler on every step

High-end tool

All of the GDPR requirements in one place – documentation, records, reports stored in cloud.

Record of categories of processing activities

Automatically generated record of categories of processing activities

Compliance Report for data protection inspection

Generate a report demonstrating your compliance with the GDPR in one click

Recommendation Report

Guidelines and tasks to fulfil in order to adjust your enterprise to the GDPR regulations

Records required by the GDPR

Authorisations record, Record of processing entities and activities, record of breaches

Always up-to-date documents templates

Documents and consent templates used in processing activities

Simplified risk assessment

A module allowing you to conduct a risk assessment on your own


We issue a certificate of GDPR compliance

Knowledge and experience

Poland’s leading data protection experts will aid your every step as a DPO

Risk Analysis and DPIA

Analytical module using the GDPR Risk Tracker to analyze risks according to GDPR provisions and carry out data protection impact assessments (DPIA)

Toolkits suited for DPOs

We set the standards of professional data protection

Maciej Gawroński

Recognized authority in the fields of data protection law, IT, cloud computing, cybersecurity regulations, intellectual property and commercial law

Maciej Gawroński edited and co-authored bestselling publications on the data protection regulations: “Guide to the GDPR” and “Data Protection: A guide to the GDPR and Personal Data Protection Act”. He is also a co-creator of GDPSystem.

Dr Dominik Lubasz

Recognised expert in the field of personal data protection law, several times and currently awarded in the Chambers & Partners TMT ranking: Data Protection and The Legal 500 “Leading Individual”. Managing Partner in Lubasz i Wspólnicy – Kancelaria Radców Prawnych which was also awarded in this year’s ranking The Legal 500 as “Leading Firm” in the Data Privacy and Data Protection category.

Science editor in a number of publications about the GDPR in various areas, e.g.: e-Commerce, small and medium enterprises, as well as commentaries and monographs on personal data protection.

The latest of these is „MERITUM. Ochrona danych osobowych”, which comprehensively discusses the regulations that shape the protection of personal data in the field of electronic communications, medicine, education, banking and many others. Developed by practitioners with many years of experience.

The publications are a practical, complex guide to the new Polish Personal Data Protection Act and to the GDPR.

Combining proficiency on the fields of law, IT and process management, we reforged the GDPR regulations into a working system, providing our clients with the GDPSystem – an innovative tool, allowing efficient and effective implementation and maintenance of the GDPR requirements.

„Consistent and clear depiction of order and structure of the GDPR implementation into a company”


“Complex solution in form of an instruction, tools and support. Clearly explained what my duties are”


“Efficient and painless getting through the process of GDPR implementation, that gave me goose bumps at the beginning”


“A very transparent and well prepared panel. I appreciate building awareness while keeping a simple approach”